Yueh-Ying Han

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BACKGROUND Little is known about the relation between 2 common comorbidities (depression and anxiety) and asthma or bronchodilator response (BDR). OBJECTIVE To examine the association between depressive symptoms and asthma or BDR in US adults. METHODS Cross-sectional study of 20,272 adults aged 20 to 79 years from the 2007-2012 National Health and(More)
RATIONALE Epigenetic and/or genetic variation in the gene encoding the receptor for adenylate-cyclase activating polypeptide 1 (ADCYAP1R1) has been linked to post-traumatic stress disorder in adults and anxiety in children. Psychosocial stress has been linked to asthma morbidity in Puerto Rican children. OBJECTIVES To examine whether epigenetic or genetic(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity increases both the risk of asthma and asthma severity and is a well-known risk factor for insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome (MS) in children and adolescents. OBJECTIVE We aimed to examine the association among obesity, insulin sensitivity, MS, and lung function in US adolescents with and without asthma. METHODS We(More)
Seasonality of asthma may result from varying exposures. This cross-sectional study was designed to examine the relationship between indoor environmental factors and seasonal childhood asthma. Study subjects were participants from the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) in 2004, a population-based surveillance, which included(More)
Professional bus drivers are exposed to environments containing air pollution and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can induce cellular oxidative stress and DNA damage. This study investigated environmental factors associated with oxidative DNA damage in a cohort of long-distance bus drivers. In a comparison study, urinary 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG),(More)
Findings from experimental studies and animal models led to the hypothesis that folic acid supplementation during pregnancy confers an increased risk of asthma. This review provides a critical examination of current experimental and epidemiologic evidence of a causal association between folate status and asthma. In industrialized nations, the prevalence of(More)
BACKGROUND The Pennsylvania Department of Health established a registry of the Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear power plant accident in 1979. Over 93% of the population present on the day of the accident within a 5-mile radius was enrolled and interviewed. We used the registry to investigate the potential cancer risk from low-dose radiation exposure among(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined temporal trends, spatial variation, and gender differences in rates of hospitalization due to acute myocardial infarction. METHODS We used data from the Centers for Disease Control National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network to evaluate temporal trends, geographic variation, and gender differences in 20 Environmental(More)
BACKGROUND Dietary patterns might influence the pathogenesis of asthma in Puerto Ricans, the ethnic group most affected by this disease in the United States. OBJECTIVE To examine the association among diet, T-helper cell type 17 cytokines, and asthma in Puerto Rican children. METHODS As part of a case-control study of 678 Puerto Rican children 6 to 14(More)
BACKGROUND Total IgE is a therapeutic target in patients with allergic diseases. DNA methylation in white blood cells (WBCs) was associated with total IgE levels in an epigenome-wide association study of white subjects. Whether DNA methylation of eosinophils explains these findings is insufficiently understood. METHODS We tested for association between(More)