Yueh-Min Huang

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Identification of characters in films, although very intuitive to humans, still poses a significant challenge to computer methods. In this paper, we investigate the problem of identifying characters in feature-length films using video and film script. Different from the state-of-the-art methods on naming faces in the videos, most of which used the local(More)
Due to the explosion of e-Learning, there are too many useful learning materials to design a more efficient course. Therefore, to facilitate efficient course design and management for lecturers, automatic course generation is an important issue in e-Learning research and development. A complete standardized course, however, usually needs some auxiliary(More)
This study presents and evaluates a modified ant colony optimization (ACO) approach for the precedence and resource-constrained multiprocessor scheduling problems. A modified ant colony system is proposed to solve the scheduling problems. A two-dimensional matrix is proposed in this study for assigning jobs on processors, and it has a time-dependency(More)
Orchids are one of the most ecological and evolutionarily significant plants, and the Orchidaceae is one of the most abundant families of the angiosperms. Genetic databases will be useful not only for gene discovery but also for future genomic annotation. For this purpose, OrchidBase was established from 37,979,342 sequence reads collected from 11 in-house(More)
Both floral development and evolutionary trends of orchid flowers have long attracted the interest of biologists. However, expressed sequences derived from the flowers of other orchid subfamilies are still scarce except for a few species in Epidendroideae. In order to broadly increase our scope of Orchidaceae genetic information, we updated the OrchidBase(More)