Yueh-Ling Lin

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Psychosocial factors, individual factors, workplace requirements, and workplace organizational factors have all been reported as being associated with the risk of musculoskeletal disorders [11]. Huang, Feuerstein, and Sauter [5] described the various concepts and models proposed to link occupational stress and work-related upper extremity disorders, as well(More)
Constructing 3D human model from 2D images provides a cost-effective approach to visualize digital human in virtual environment. This paper presents a systematic approach for constructing 3D human model using the front and side images of a person. The silhouettes of human body are first detected and the feature points on the silhouettes are subsequently(More)
Developing efficient services for Taiwan's machine-tool industry is important because of the intelligent service enhancement for industrial networks and systems integration. The purpose of this study is to provide innovative service via remote cloud computing for machine tool solutions. The intelligent system integrates both hardware and software functions(More)
This study proposes an innovative clothing fit evaluation method for virtual try- on using 3D digital human model. The clothing patterns are first designed and subsequently sewn together around a human model. Because complex cloth shapes are difficult to fit onto the human body, this study proposes a 3D human model dressed using virtual clothes according to(More)
Developing efficient maintenance system for Taiwan's machine-tool industry is important because of the cloud service enhancement recently. This study provides innovative maintenance system via cloud virtual computing for machine tool management. The virtual maintenance cloud is a monitoring system for precision manufacturing plant. The virtual maintenance(More)
A systematic synthesis method to generate transconductance filters using nodal admittance matrix (NAM) expansion is proposed. The obtained circuits with two input voltage terminals and three output currents employing only two grounded capacitors and three resistors can be used to realize the transconductance-mode universal filter. The synthesized filters(More)
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