Yuegao Hu

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Agriculture is a complicated system, related to a wide range of environments, which is difficult to deal with perfectly. Web-based agricultural support system (WASS) has been proposed to applicable support agricultural activities, which combines web technologies and agricultural systems. In this paper we analyze the basic characters of the web-based(More)
The genus Ditylenchus has been divided into 2 groups: the Ditylenchus triformis-group, and the Ditylenchus dipsaci-group based on morphological and biological characters. A total of 18 populations belong to 5 species of Ditylenchus was studied: Ditylenchus africanus, Ditylenchus destructor, Ditylenchus myceliophagus and dipsaci, Ditylenchus weischeri, the(More)
Compounds released by mungbean roots potentially represent an enormous source of nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) in mungbean-oat intercropping systems. In this study, an in situ experiment was conducted using a 15N - 13C double stem-feeding method to measure N and C derived from the rhizodeposition (NdfR and CdfR) of mungbean and their transfer to oats in an(More)
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