Yuefei Sui

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''One person's noise is another person's signal " (Knorr, E., Ng, R. (1998). Algorithms for mining distance-based outliers in large datasets. In Proceedings of the 24th VLDB conference, New York (pp. 392–403)). In recent years, much attention has been given to the problem of outlier detection, whose aim is to detect outliers – objects which behave in an(More)
Traditional Chinese medicine has developed over more than 4000 years. A tremendous amount of medical knowledge has been accumulated, among which herbal drugs and formulae are an important portion. This paper presents an ontology for traditional Chinese drugs and formulae, and an ontology-based system for extracting knowledge of drugs and formulae from(More)
The paper presents an unified Description Logic (DL) model for databases. Describing database models using DLs is a fundamental problem in many areas because it turns databases to logical systems with enriched semantics and enhanced reasoning mechanism. A typical relational database model comprises three components: relational data model, relational(More)