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The orange inner leaf of the Chinese cabbage is controlled by a single recessive gene (or), which causes abnormal accumulation of carotene. In the present study, an F2 population consisting of 600 individuals was used for mapping or and developing new markers closely linked to this gene. Bulked segregant analysis was performed by screening 435 simple(More)
We studied daily periodicity, taxonomic composition and annual variation of fish larvae abundance from a survey of the Zhaoqing section of the Pearl River over a 3-year period, 2006–2008, and collected 52 species, in eight families and 16 orders. The fish larval samples were numerically dominated by six species, Barbel Chub (Squaliobarbus curriculus) 33.1%,(More)
The effects of elevated CO2 (750 ppm vs. 390 ppm) were evaluated on nitrogen (N) acquisition and assimilation by three Medicago truncatula genotypes, including two N-fixing-deficient mutants (dnf1-1 and dnf1-2) and their wild-type (Jemalong). The proportion of N acquisition from atmosphere and soil were quantified by (15)N stable isotope, and N(More)
The nonhost interaction of tomato-Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici (Bgt) and resistant host interaction of wheat-Bgt were compared histochemically. The percentage of appressorium formation had no significant difference on tomato and wheat leaves. Papilla formation occurred earlier and more on host wheat than on nonhost tomato leaves, while the incidence of(More)
Rising atmospheric CO(2) levels can dilute the nitrogen (N) resource in plant tissue, which is disadvantageous to many herbivorous insects. Aphids appear to be an exception that warrants further study. The effects of elevated CO(2) (750 ppm vs. 390 ppm) were evaluated on N assimilation and transamination by two Medicago truncatula genotypes, a(More)
Melittin, which acts as a membrane-disrupting lytic peptide, is not only cytotoxic to tumors, but also vital to normal cells. Melittin had low toxicity when coupled with target peptides. Despite significant research development with the fused toxin, a new fused toxin is needed which has a cleavable linker such that the fused toxin can release melittin after(More)
The performance of herbivorous insects is greatly affected by plant nutritional quality and resistance, which are likely to be altered by rising concentrations of atmospheric CO2 . We previously reported that elevated CO2 enhanced biological nitrogen (N) fixation of Medicago truncatula, which could result in an increased supply of amino acids to the pea(More)
Elevated CO(2) compromises the resistance of leguminous plants against chewing insects, but little is known about whether elevated CO(2) modifies the resistance against phloem-sucking insects or whether it has contrasting effects on the resistance of legumes that differ in biological nitrogen fixation. We tested the hypothesis that the physical and chemical(More)
Estimates of N2O emission based on limit measurements could be highly inaccurate because of considerable diurnal variations in N2O flux due to rapid transformation of nutrients and diel change of dissolved oxygen (DO). In the present study, the N2O fluxes, dissolved N2O concentrations, and the controlling variables were measured hourly for 3d and night(More)
Knowledge of temporal patterns of larval fish occurrence is limited in south China, despite its ecological importance. This research examines the annual and seasonal patterns of fish larval presence in the large subtropical Pearl River. Data is based on samples collected every two days, from 2006 to 2013. In total, 45 taxa representing 13 families and eight(More)