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Flower-like Ni nanoparticles in diameter of 200 approximately 250 nm were synthesized by a mild chemical solution method. They were composed of smaller single-crystal Ni grains with an average diameter of approximately 15 nm. XRD, EDS and HRTEM results show that these particles were mixed uniformly with iron oxide single crystals, which serve as seeds for(More)
The electrical performance of porcelain insulators will be degraded by the accumulation of the airborne pollutants. In this paper, anti-pollution TiO<inf>2</inf> coatings were prepared on the surface of the ceramic substrate through a simple hydrothermal method without high-temperature treatment. The morphology and structure of the coatings were(More)
Ice and snow accretion on power lines is a severe problem for power network and it can cause insulator flashover, wire breakage and tower falling down. Superhydrophobic surfaces have a water contact angle larger than 150 &#x00B0;. These surfaces are water repellent and water drops can not stay on the surface stably, which can mitigate ice accretion on the(More)
Shadow is an obstacle in the application of remote sensing image analysis. With more and more extensive using of high-resolution remote sensing images, shadow detection in remote sensing images plays a more important role. In accordance with the characteristics of urban high-resolution remote sensing images, we put forward an effective and automatic shadow(More)
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