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Raman microspectroscopy is one of the most powerful tools in molecular sensing, offering a non-invasive and comprehensive characterization of the intracellular environment. To analyze and monitor molecular content in specific cellular compartments, different parts of cellular architecture must be unambiguously identified to guide Raman image/spectra(More)
Molecular organization of a cell is dynamically transformed along the course of cellular physiological processes, pathologic developments or derived from interactions with drugs. The capability to measure and monitor concentrations of macromolecules in a single cell would greatly enhance studies of cellular processes in heterogeneous populations. In this(More)
OBJECTIVE Conflicting results exist on the therapeutic effects of percutaneous myocardial laser revascularization (PMR) in patients with refractory angina pectoris. This study assessed the effects of PMR on myocardial innervation and perfusion in patients with refractory angina pectoris. METHODS Patients with refractory angina unsuitable for standard(More)
In this paper a new useful model for advertisements dissemination is presented, Using virtual currency to incent nodes disseminate Ads and dynamic window strategy to defend a type of DoS attacks, in which the goal of the adversary is to exhaust the energy of the nodes and to increase their response time to broadcast messages. Besides, the method can also(More)
Resonance enhancement of Raman spectroscopy (RS) has been used to significantly improve the sensitivity and selectivity of detection for specific components in complicated environments. Resonance RS gives more insight into the biochemical structure and reactivity. In this field, selecting a proper excitation wavelength to achieve optimal resonance(More)
Optical labels are needed for probing specific target molecules in complex biological systems. As a newly emerging category of tags for molecular imaging in live cells, the Raman label attracts much attention because of the rich information obtained from targeted and untargeted molecules by detecting molecular vibrations. Here, we list three types of Raman(More)
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