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Scanning radar is of notable importance for ground surveillance, terrain mapping and disaster rescue. However, the angular resolution of a scanning radar image is poor compared to the achievable range resolution. This paper presents a deconvolution algorithm for angular super-resolution in scanning radar based on Bayesian theory, which states that the(More)
The attitude variation of the platforms for airborne bistatic synthetic aperture radar (BiSAR) will cause the unsteadiness of the antenna phase center (APC) and the phase error of the echo due to inevitable installation error of the antenna, which will result in the spatial synchronization error. In this paper, the spatial synchronization error compensation(More)
The protocols for controlled remote state preparation of a single qubit and a general two-qubit state are presented in this paper. The general pure three-qubit states are chosen as shared quantum channel, which are not Local operations and classical communication (LOCC) equivalent to the mostly used GHz state. This is the first time that general pure(More)