Yuebiao Sheng

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In this work we studied the folding process of the hybrid-1 type human telomeric DNA G-quadruplex with solvent and K(+) ions explicitly modeled. Enabled by the powerful bias-exchange metadynamics and large-scale conventional molecular dynamic simulations, the free energy landscape of this G-DNA was obtained for the first time and four folding intermediates(More)
Protein adsorption on a surface plays an important role in biomaterial science and medicine. It is strongly related to the interaction between the protein residues and the surface. Here we report all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of the adsorption of an ionic complementary peptide, EAK16-II, to the hydrophobic highly ordered pyrolytic graphite(More)
The current drug delivery techniques involve encapsulation, targeting and controlled release of the drug with various molecules or nanoparticles, but rarely has the drug molecular state or form been investigated. It is necessary to deliver a drug with a prescribed molecular state in order to maximize drug therapeutic effects. Here we present two facile(More)
The features of transition states and intermediates are important in the study on protein folding. However, transition states and intermediates could not be obviously identified from trajectories obtained by dynamic simulations. In this work, a different method to identify and characterize the transition states and intermediates by combining the root mean(More)
Tension at the surface is a most fundamental physicochemical property of a liquid surface. The concept of surface tension has widespread implications in numerous natural, engineering and biomedical processes. Research to date has been largely focused on the liquid side; little attention has been paid to the vapor--the other side of the surface, despite over(More)
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