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This paper explores the physics of the electromagnetic diffraction radiation of a subwavelength holes array excited by a set of evanescent waves generated by a line charge of electron beam moving parallel to the array. Activated by a uniformly moving line charge, numerous physical phenomena occur such as the diffraction radiation on both sides of the array(More)
The title compound, [Cu(4)I(4)(C(9)H(13)N)(4)], has a distorted cubane-like [Cu(4)I(4)] core structure. Each Cu(I) atom is tetra-hedrally coordinated by three I atoms and one N atom of an benzyl-dimethyl-amine ligand. Each I atom acts as a μ(3)-ligand, linking three Cu(I) atoms. The Cu-I bond distances vary between 2.6328 (7) and 2.7121 (6) Å, while the(More)
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