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Ab initio calculations reveal that radiative lifetime of the lowest excited singlet state of 2-aminopyridine molecule should be around 20 ns, consistent with the molecules of the same type but is about one order of magnitude larger than the claimed experimental fluorescent lifetime in recent years. An S(1)/S(0) conical intersection close to the S(1) state(More)
In the present work, density functional theory (DFT) has been used to investigate CO binding to the hexacoordinated heme in neuroglobin (Ngb) protein. Structural relaxation of the selected model system in the protein environment has been fully included by the alternative quantum and molecular mechanical optimizations. The polarized continuum model (PCM) was(More)
In the present work, density functional theory and canonical nonadiabatic Monte Carlo transition state theory have been used to investigate the histidine dissociation process from hexacoordinate heme in Ngb protein. The potential energy surfaces (PES) of the lowest singlet, triplet, and quintet states are calculated by stepwise optimization along with the(More)
The (6-4) photoproduct ((6-4) PP) is one of the main lesions in UV-induced DNA damage. The (6-4) PP and its valence isomer Dewar photoproduct (Dewar PP) can have a great threat of mutation and cancer but gained much less attention to date. In this study, with density functional theory (DFT) and the complete active space self-consistent field (CASSCF)(More)
We present a systematic theoretical investigation on the overall ground state and excited-state isomerization reaction mechanism of ortho-green fluorescent protein chromophore (o-HBDI) using the density functional theory and the multireference methods. The calculated results and subsequent analysis suggest the possible isomerization mechanism for o-HBDI. By(More)
In this study, the conformational preferences and photochemistry of acrylic acid (AA, CH(2)=CHCOOH) monomer isolated in cryogenic argon and krypton matrices were interpreted, based on results of quantum chemical calculations. Natural bond orbital analysis allowed to shed light on the main electronic effects determining the relative stability of the(More)
Dewar photoproduct (Dewar PP) is the valence isomer of (6-4) photoproduct ((6-4)PP) in photodamaged DNA. Compared to the extensive studied CPD photoproducts, the underlying repair mechanisms for the (6-4)PP, and especially for the Dewar PP, are not well-established to date. In this paper, the repair mechanism of DNA Dewar photoproduct T(dew)C in (6-4)(More)
2-Aminopyridine dimer has frequently been used as a model system for studying photochemistry of DNA base pairs. We examine here the relevance of 2-aminopyridine dimer for a Watson-Crick adenine-thymine base pair by studying UV-light induced photodynamics along two main hydrogen bridges after the excitation to the localized (1)pi pi(*) excited-state. The(More)
The N1s near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) and X-ray emission spectra (XES) of blocked alanine in water solution have been investigated at the first-principles level based on cluster models constructed from classical molecular dynamics simulations. The bulk solvent has been described by both supermolecular and combined(More)
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