Yue-fei Zhu

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A lattice basis reduction multisequence synthesis (LBRMS) algorithm was presented with a new, intuitive and vector-form model. In this paper, a refined version of the LBRMS algorithm is deduced, from which Massey's conjectured algorithm can be derived. Moreover, if we modify the lattice basis reduction algorithm used in the LBRMS algorithm, a new synthesis(More)
Fair exchange protocols have been studied intensively in recent years. But a lot of methods are still performed manually. In this paper an automatic method is proposed for analyzing fair exchange protocols. In this method we formalize security properties of fairness and non-repudiation in TLA (temporal logic of action) and define common predicates to make(More)
DDoS attack and defense is regarded as a multistage signaling game with observable actions. Its extensive form is given out, and its perfect bayesian nash equilibrium is solved. The current problems encountered by DDoS attack defense are discussed. Theoretical analysis proves the feasibility and effectiveness of the service hopping strategy. This paper(More)
To solve the problem that it is difficult to detect the failure-type hardware Trojan, this paper selects the failure-type hardware Trojan as the research subjects, putting forward the detection principles of failure-type hardware Trojan based on state transition diagram. It also designs and realizes the detection algorithm as well as provides the relative(More)
RSA is one of the most popular and widely used public key cryptosystems. In this paper, an application of low private exponent attack on it is presented. More precisely, let (N, e) be an RSA public key with corresponding private key d, then N can be factored provided that there exists a proper integer k such that e<sup>k</sup> is relatively small and(More)
Aiming at the technique crux of system failure testing and function reconstruction, we carry on a research to the distilling method of the Boolean relation data. First, start with the analysis to the working wave character of target chip in the waveform confined space of system, and then on this foundation, the corresponding logic relation expression(More)
TA4SP is a state-of-art tool of AVISPA that can automatically verify security protocol with unbounded number of parallel sessions. But it still has some limitations and can&#x02019;t verify hierarchy of authentication automatically. In this paper, we use an approximation-based model to define security protocol and design an algorithm close to the real(More)
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