Yue-Zhi Zhou

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Advancements in cloud computing enable the easy deployment of numerous services. However, the analysis of cloud service access platforms from a client perspective shows that maintaining and managing clients remain a challenge for end users. In this paper, we present the design, implementation, and evaluation of an asymmetric virtual machine monitor (AVMM),(More)
Accurately determining the geographic location of an Internet host is important for location-aware applications such as location-based advertising and network diagnostics. Despite their fast response time, widely used database-driven geolocation approaches provide only inaccurate locations. Delay measurement based approaches improve the estimation accuracy(More)
To overcome the key escrow issues of the identity based cryptography, Shi Yijuan and Ll Jianhua [11] proposed a new Certificateless Two-party Authentication Key Agreement (CL-2AKA) protocol. In this paper an improved CL-2AKA Protocol has been proposed. The proposed protocol CAKA (Certificateless Authentication Key Agreement Protocol) is based on the(More)
Cloud computing is an increasingly important solution for providing services deployed in dynamically scalable cloud networks. Services in the cloud computing networks may be virtualized with specific servers which host abstracted details. Some of the servers are active and available, while others are busy or heavy loaded, and the remaining are offline for(More)
Denial of service (DoS) attack is a major class of security threats today. They consume resources of remote hosts or network and make them deny or degrade services for legitimate users. Compared with traditional Internet, the resources, such as bandwidth, memory, and battery power, of each node are more limited in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Therefore,(More)
Abstract: Cloud computing has become a hot topic recently. Among these research issues, cloud operating systems have attracted extensive attention. However, to date, there is no answer to such issues as what a cloud operating system is and how to develop one. This paper proposes a cloud operating system, TransOS, from the viewpoint of transparent computing,(More)
Retrieving similar documents from a large-scale text corpus according to a given document is a fundamental technique for many applications. However, most of existing indexing techniques have difficulties to address this problem due to special properties of a document query, e.g. high dimensionality, sparse representation and semantic concern. Towards(More)
Due to the research and technological advances, ubiquitous or pervasive computing is emerging rapidly as an exciting new discipline to provide computing and communication services all the time and everywhere. While with many ongoing initiatives, it is too far to achieve the vision that Mark Weiser described. After a comprehensive analysis on traditional(More)