Yue Zhang

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With the continuous advances in optical communications technology, the link transmission speed of Internet backbone has been increasing rapidly. This in turn demands more powerful IP address lookup engine. In this paper, we propose a power-efficient parallel TCAM-based lookup engine with a distributed logical caching scheme for dynamic load-balancing. In(More)
must address demands from both diversified applications and ever-increasing traffic pressure. One major challenge is to design an extraordinary scalable architecture. In this paper, it is argued that such an objective can only be sufficed by introducing highly paralleled structure, namely the Paralleled Processing-engine Cluster (PPC). We demonstrate this(More)
Efficiency and effectiveness are always the emphases of a scheduler, for both link and processor scheduling. Well-known scheduling algorithms such as Surplus Round Robin (SRR) and Elastic Round Robin (ERR) suffer from two fold shortcomings : 1) additional pre-processing queuing delay and post-processing resequencing delay are incurred due to the lack of(More)
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