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This paper presents some results of our ongoing research on enhancing intelligent user assistance in collaborative design environments. The proposed intelligent assistant agent is composed of a user model, an inference component, a knowledge update component, and a collaboration component. The user model is divided into a user interest model and a user(More)
Current Memory-Space-Memory Clos switching fabric exhibits poor performance under unbalanced traffic. To eliminate the internal congestion within the switching fabric, by taking buffers into the internal links, this paper proposes an alternative Fully Buffered three-stage Clos switching fabric—FBC, which not only provides perfect throughput(More)
In view of the present family security coefficient and poor family environment information control were complicated, family members can't access to environmental information conveniently, this paper proposed a Raspberry Pi as nuclear core processor used in the Internet of things of the family embedded robotic system, by used the 802.11 g and TCP/IP, HTTP to(More)
Power Line Communication (PLC) network uses the existing grid as communication bracing. The low-voltage power distribution network is the most widespread network. In the low-voltage power distribution network, the communication distance is very short, which provides the possibility to achieve the narrow band and high-speed power line communication. But, its(More)
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