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Anaerobic digestion of two biodegradable municipal waste streams.
Anaerobic digestion of whole-crop winter wheat silage for renewable energy production
With biogas production expanding across Europe in response to renewable energy incentives, a wider variety of crops need to be considered as feedstock. Maize, the most commonly used crop at present,
Autotrophic denitrification for nitrate and nitrite removal using sulfur-limestone.
Enhanced performance of hexavalent chromium reducing cathodes in the presence of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 and lactate.
Effective and continuous Cr(VI) reduction with associated current production were achieved when MR-1 and lactate were both present in the biocathodes.
Using bamboo biochar with compost for the stabilization and phytotoxicity reduction of heavy metals in mine-contaminated soils of China
Investigation of the immobilization and phytotoxicity reduction of HMs after application of bamboo biochar in mine-polluted soil in Feng county (FC) and Tongguan (TG) showed that BB application to contaminated soil immobilized HMs.