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The stability of the Wnt pathway transcription factor beta-catenin is tightly regulated by the multi-subunit destruction complex. Deregulated Wnt pathway activity has been implicated in many cancers, making this pathway an attractive target for anticancer therapies. However, the development of targeted Wnt pathway inhibitors has been hampered by the limited(More)
Shift-reduce dependency parsers give comparable accuracies to their chart-based counterparts, yet the best shift-reduce constituent parsers still lag behind the state-of-the-art. One important reason is the existence of unary nodes in phrase structure trees, which leads to different numbers of shift-reduce actions between different outputs for the same(More)
Cytoplasmic (or non-muscle) myosin II isoforms are widely expressed molecular motors playing essential cellular roles in cytokinesis and cortical tension maintenance. Two of the three human non-muscle myosin II isoforms (IIA and IIB) have been investigated at the protein level. Transient kinetics of non-muscle myosin IIB showed that this motor has a very(More)
Dietary restriction (DR) without malnutrition encompasses numerous regimens with overlapping benefits including longevity and stress resistance, but unifying nutritional and molecular mechanisms remain elusive. In a mouse model of DR-mediated stress resistance, we found that sulfur amino acid (SAA) restriction increased expression of the transsulfuration(More)
Rhodococcus opacus strain PD630 (R. opacus PD630), is an oleaginous bacterium, and also is one of few prokaryotic organisms that contain lipid droplets (LDs). LD is an important organelle for lipid storage but also intercellular communication regarding energy metabolism, and yet is a poorly understood cellular organelle. To understand the dynamics of LD(More)
We tested 357 Chinese with primary myelofibrosis for mutations in CALR, JAK2 and MPL. CALR mutations were detected in 76 subjects (21%). There were 24 (32%) type-1 (L367fs*46) and 49 (64%) type-2 (K385fs*47) mutations. Seventy-two of 168 subjects (43%) without a JAK2 or MPL mutation had a CALR mutation. Subjects with a type-2 CALR mutation had lower(More)
Target-dependent sentiment analysis on Twitter has attracted increasing research attention. Most previous work relies on syntax, such as automatic parse trees, which are subject to noise for informal text such as tweets. In this paper, we show that competitive results can be achieved without the use of syntax , by extracting a rich set of automatic(More)