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Shift-reduce dependency parsers give comparable accuracies to their chart-based counterparts, yet the best shift-reduce constituent parsers still lag behind the state-of-the-art. One important reason is the existence of unary nodes in phrase structure trees, which leads to different numbers of shift-reduce actions between different outputs for the same(More)
Target-dependent sentiment analysis on Twitter has attracted increasing research attention. Most previous work relies on syntax, such as automatic parse trees, which are subject to noise for informal text such as tweets. In this paper, we show that competitive results can be achieved without the use of syntax , by extracting a rich set of automatic(More)
There has been growing interest in stochastic methods to natural language generation (NLG). While most NLG pipelines separate morphological generation and syntactic linearization, the two tasks are closely related. In this paper, we study joint morphological generation and linearization, making use of word order and inflections information for both tasks(More)