Yue Xue Dong

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In the process of iris classification, a new classification distance with adjustable weight which takes advantage of whole phase information to encode is proposed. The method is to use feature extraction function to do the extraction toward all iris image, which could obtain real and imaginary part iris information. Then, tangent function is used to(More)
Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) can adjust game difficulty level dynamically; so it generates a tailor-made experience for each gamer. If a game is too easy, the gamer will feel bored; if it is too hard, the gamer will become frustrated. DDA is a mechanism to overcome this dilemma and augment the entertainment of a game by dynamically adjusting the(More)
According to the physiological structure of human eye, the low-pass filter is used to do convolution with the iris image, which is to reduce the interference of the high-frequency information, such as eyelid. And then, Asymmetry Canny Operator is used to do horizontal and vertical edge diction, which is to reduce the interference of eyelash, and strengthen(More)
Stage lighting followed is very important in theatrical performances. But in the actual process of stage lighting control, there is a deviation between the expected lighting scene and the actual. Stage lighting operator needs a lot of debugging before or on the show. Automatic tracking presented in this paper is the use of ultrasonic to detect whether there(More)
In the recent years, more and more researches are preferred to focus on network user behavior. Usually, k-means clustering and Agglomerative Nesting (AGNES) are respectively chosen to analyze the network user behavior. But both the two kinds of algorithm have some disadvantages inherently. A kind of hybrid clustering algorithm (ASAKM) is proposed in this(More)
An iris recognition system, more secure and practical, be proposed by the combination of chaos encryption and iris recognition. In the process of iris recognition, using multi-scale 2D Gabor filter to acquire the identify code of iris texture only in single-direction. To protect the identify code be transported securely, one-way coupled map lattice (OCML)(More)
Kaiser function is used to establish clear edge Kaiser filter channel which has selectivity in the frequency and direction with the characteristic of high adaptability and adjustable performance to feature the iris frequency, which is to modify the filter channel edge faintness due to the spectrum leakage when Gabor filter does the data truncation. Then(More)
It researches and presents a technology to accelerate data transferring based on high bind-width servers in this paper. The data from users is transmitted by servers that located on the backbone network rented from the network operators, it realizes the acceleration of data transmitting by modifying the routing of the data packet. It introduces the whole(More)
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