Yue Wang

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Graph is a widely accepted model of complex data representation. Graph model has been applied in many real applications including social networks, chemistry and pattern recognition, etc. The existence of noisy and inconsistent data makes graph similarity join imperative. The graph similarity join problem studied in this paper is to find graph pairs that can(More)
An analytic method for predicting the performance of track-to-track association (TTTA) with biased data in multi-sensor multi-target tracking scenarios is proposed in this paper. The proposed method extends the existing results of the bias-free situation by accounting for the impact of sensor biases. Since little insight of the intrinsic relationship(More)
Graphs have been widely used for complex data representation in many real applications, such as social network, bioinformatics, and computer vision. Therefore, graph similarity join has become imperative for integrating noisy and inconsistent data from multiple data sources. The edit distance is commonly used to measure the similarity between graphs. The(More)
Similarity join on XML documents which are usually modeled as rooted ordered labeled trees is widely applied, due to the ambiguity of references to the real-world objects. The conventional method dealing with this issue is based on tree edit distance, which is shortage of flexibility and efficiency. In this paper, we propose two novel edit operations(More)
In a wireless network, node failure due to either natural disasters or human intervention can cause network partitioning and other communication problems. For this reason, a wireless network should be fault tolerant. At present, most researchers use k-connectivity to measure fault tolerance, which requires the network to be connected after the failure of(More)
Several researches propose the identifier/locator separation architecture to tackle the scaling problems of today’s Internet routing and addressing system. And scalable and seamless mobility support is an important task in mobile identifier/locator separation networks. In this paper, by analyzing the features, such as direct separation, flexible mapping and(More)
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