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In this paper, by investigating the definitions of the fractional power spectrum and the fractional correlation for the deterministic process, we consider the case associated with the random process in an explicit manner. The fractional power spectral relations for the fractional Fourier domain filter are derived, and the expression for the fractional power(More)
To pursue genetic improvement of lily, efficiency of both regeneration and transformation from callus cultures induced from different explants were evaluated in multiple cultivars. Thirty-five callus lines induced from filaments or styles and one control callus line derived from bulb scales of in total twenty lily cultivars representing Lilium longiflorum,(More)
The fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) is a potent tool to analyze the chirp signal. However, it fails in locating the fractional Fourier domain (FRFD)-frequency contents which is required in some applications. The short-time fractional Fourier transform (STFRFT) is proposed to solve this problem. It displays the time and FRFD-frequency information jointly(More)
Glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK-3β) plays a crucial role in memory deficits and tau hyperphosphorylation as seen in Alzheimer's disease, the most common dementia in the aged population. We reported that ventricular co-injection of wortmannin and GF-109203X (WT/GFX) can induce tau hyperphosophorylation and memory impairment of rats through activation of(More)
In this letter, we generalize the fractional Hilbert transform of a real signal to get an analytic version which contains no negative spectrum while maintaining the essential information of the real signal. We also present a secure single-sideband (SSB) modulation system in which the angle of the fractional Fourier transform and the phase of the fractional(More)
A flexible and effective macroblock-based framework for hybrid spatial and fine-grain SNR scalable video coding is proposed in this paper. In the proposed framework, the base layer is of low resolution and is generally encoded at low bit rates with traditional prediction based coding schemes. Two enhancement layers, i.e., the low-resolution enhancement(More)
In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for FRFT with zooming-in ability, which is preferable to previous algorithms because it can freely choose computational resolution and zoom in on any interested portion of the fractional spectra, meanwhile, retains the advantage of the Ozaktas algorithm in computational speed. Its advantages in scrutinizing the(More)