Yue W. Webster

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Support Vector Machine (SVM), one of the most promising tools in chemical informatics, is time-consuming for mining large high-throughput screening (HTS) data sets. Here, we describe a parallelization of SVM-light algorithm on a graphic processor unit (GPU), using molecular fingerprints as descriptors and the Tanimoto index as kernel function. Comparison(More)
BAO (BACIIS Ontology) is a domain ontology for BACIIS (Biological And Chemical Information Integration System). The main goals of BAO are: 1) to guide users in creating efficient queries, 2) to facilitate resolution of the variabilities among various data formats and data sources, and 3) to facilitate the integration of biological and chemical data web(More)
The incompatibilities among complex data formats and various schema used by biological databases that house these data are becoming a bottleneck in biological research. For example, biological data format varies from simple words (e.g., gene name), numbers (e.g., molecular weight) to sequence strings (e.g., nucleic acid sequence), to even more complex data(More)
Health social networking communities are emerging resources for translational research. We have designed and implemented a framework called HyGen, which combines Semantic Web technologies, graph algorithms and user profiling to discover and prioritize novel associations across disciplines. This manuscript focuses on the key strategies developed to overcome(More)
The complexity of cross-disciplinary knowledge discovery is two-fold: integration of vast amount of information in disparate silos, and dissemination of discovery to stakeholders with different interests. Here we propose a framework that combines Semantic Web technology, graph algorithms, and user profiling to discover and prioritize novel associations(More)
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