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Low proportion of essential amino acids (EAAs) is one of the barriers for animals to use phloem as a diet. Endosymbionts with EAAs synthesis functions are considered crucial for ameliorating the lack of EAAs in insects' diets. In this study, we transferred the insects from a cabbage-reared Myzus persicae population onto 3 new plant species including(More)
An updated comparative analysis of protamines and their corresponding genes is presented, including representative organisms from each of the vertebrate classes and one invertebrate (squid, Loligo opalescens). Special emphasis is placed on the implications for sperm chromatin organization and the evolutionary significance. The review is based on some of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the associations between near work, outdoor activity, and myopia among children attending secondary school in rural China. METHODS Among a random cluster sample of 1892 children in Xichang, China, subjects with an uncorrected acuity of 6/12 or less in either eye (n = 984) and a 25% sample of children with normal vision (n = 248)(More)
PURPOSE To examine whether ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) has a chemotactic effect on macrophages and whether macrophages are involved in CNTF-induced retinal ganglion cell (RGC) survival and axonal regeneration after optic nerve (ON) injury. METHODS Adult Fischer 344 rats received an autologous peripheral nerve graft onto transected ON for injured(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate visual acuity, visual function, and prevalence of refractive error among Chinese secondary-school children in a cross-sectional school-based study. METHODS Uncorrected, presenting, and best corrected visual acuity, cycloplegic autorefraction with refinement, and self-reported visual function were assessed in a random, cluster sample of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study spectacle wear among rural Chinese children. METHODS Visual acuity, refraction, spectacle wear, and visual function were measured. RESULTS Among 1892 subjects (84.7% of the sample), the mean (SD) age was 14.7 (0.8) years. Among 948 children (50.1%) potentially benefiting from spectacle wear, 368 (38.8%) did not own them. Among 580(More)
Based on the recently-proposed iterative receiver by Colavolpe et al., we extend it to further incorporate the mechanism of frequency-offset compensation. As a progressive approach, the factor graph of a long frame is first divided into numerous subgraphs of short block, iterative decoding can successfully start its work as the effect of frequency-offset(More)
PURPOSE To assess determinants of spectacle acceptance and use among rural Chinese children. METHODS Children with uncorrected acuity < or = 6/12 in either eye and whose presenting vision could be improved > or = 2 lines with refraction were identified from a school-based sample of 1892 students. Information on obtaining glasses and the benefits of(More)
Pear is a fruit species with worldwide distribution belonging to the Rosaceae family. In this study, transcriptomes of 12 different tissues of pear were newly assembled, with a total of 17,353 SSR loci identified. Within these, repetitive sequences with dinucleotide and trinucleotide motifs were more abundant than other types. We developed 194 EST-SSR(More)
Gastric cancer, a highly invasive and aggressive malignancy, is the third leading cause of death from cancer worldwide. Genetic association studies have successfully revealed several important genes consistently associated with gastric cancer to date. However, these robust gastric cancer-associated genes do not fully elucidate the mechanisms underlying the(More)