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Low proportion of essential amino acids (EAAs) is one of the barriers for animals to use phloem as a diet. Endosymbionts with EAAs synthesis functions are considered crucial for ameliorating the lack of EAAs in insects' diets. In this study, we transferred the insects from a cabbage-reared Myzus persicae population onto 3 new plant species including(More)
An updated comparative analysis of protamines and their corresponding genes is presented, including representative organisms from each of the vertebrate classes and one invertebrate (squid, Loligo opalescens). Special emphasis is placed on the implications for sperm chromatin organization and the evolutionary significance. The review is based on some of the(More)
Pear is a fruit species with worldwide distribution belonging to the Rosaceae family. In this study, transcriptomes of 12 different tissues of pear were newly assembled, with a total of 17,353 SSR loci identified. Within these, repetitive sequences with dinucleotide and trinucleotide motifs were more abundant than other types. We developed 194 EST-SSR(More)
Seed development dedicates to reserve synthesis and accumulation and uncovering its genetic and biochemical mechanisms has been a major research focus. Although proteomic and transcriptomic analyses revealed dynamic changes of genes and enzymes involved, the information regarding concomitant metabolic changes is missing. Here we investigated the dynamic(More)
Inter-retrotransposon amplified polymorphisms (IRAP) are one of the main components of the retrotransposon-based molecular marker system, but currently have no applications in pear. In this context, new IRAP markers were developed and used to study the genetic polymorphism of pear cultivars and bud mutants. In total, eight polymorphic IRAP markers were(More)
Lipid storage droplet protein 5 (LSDP5) is a lipid droplet-associated protein of the PAT (perilipin, adipophilin, and TIP47) family that is expressed in the liver in a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARα)-dependent manner; however, its exact function has not been elucidated. We noticed that LSDP5 was localized to the surface of lipid(More)
BACKGROUND Calcium deficiency is a global public-health problem. Although the initial stage of calcium deficiency can lead to metabolic alterations or potential pathological changes, calcium deficiency is difficult to diagnose accurately. Moreover, the details of the molecular mechanism of calcium deficiency remain somewhat elusive. To accurately assess and(More)