Yue-Qing Yu

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This paper presents an experimental study on the dynamics of flexible parallel robots. First, a theoretical study on the dynamic modeling and numerical solution of parallel robots with flexible links is introduced briefly. Second, the experiment setup that includes the test-bed mechanism of a 3-RRR flexible parallel robot and the hardware and software(More)
The analysis of fatigue property was incorporated into the research on dynamic stress of flexible robots. The relation between elastic deformations and elastic displacements of the flexible planar robot was investigated. The elastic deformations of links were calculated. The dynamic stress on any position of the links was derived. The fatigue failure due to(More)
Abstract—The dynamic control of a 3R underactuated robot is investigated in this paper. The second order nonholonomic dynamic equation of the robot is derived. An intelligent control method is proposed for the position control of underactuated manipulator based on genetic algorithm. A new fuzzy controller for motion control of underactuated robot is(More)
The dynamic model of a multi-axis synchronous gantry machining center VX32-60 is developed based on the finite element method. Both the numerical simulation and the modal experiment are studied. The nature frequencies and mode shapes are obtained by theoretical analysis and experimental results. The effects of material parameters and section parameters on(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis-induced myocardial injury is one of the major predictors of morbidity and mortality of sepsis. The cytoprotective function of erythropoietin (EPO) has been discovered and extensively studied. However, the cardioprotective effects of EPO on sepsis-induced myocardial injury in the rat sepsis model has not been reported. METHODS The rat(More)
A flexible dynamic model of a multi-axis synchronous gantry machining center was developed with a finite element analysis software SAMCEF Mecano. The dynamic solution was obtained with implicit Non linear method and HHT recurrence algorithm based on modified Newmark algorithm. The position error and velocity were analyzed. The influence of elastic(More)
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