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On the basis of biphenyl (b) type molecules bpb-R substituted with a 2,2':6',2' '-terpyridine acceptor (bp) and either amino-type donor receptors (R = dimethylamino (DMA), A15C5 = monoaza-15-crown-5) or nonbinding substituents (R = CF(3), H, OMe) of various donor strengths, we developed a family of charge transfer (CT) operated monofunctional and(More)
A method of on-line pretreatment coupled to HPLC with fluorescence detection was developed and validated for the determination of nine quinolones in honey samples. This method simplified the complicated process of sample pretreatment and reduced sample treatment time. Recovery of the quinolones was between 92% 101% for spiked honey samples. The limit of(More)
Based on donor (D)-acceptor (A) biphenyl (b) type molecules, a family of fluorescent reporters with integrated acceptor receptors and noncoordinating and coordinating donor substituents of varying strength has been designed for ratiometric emission sensing and multimodal signaling of metal ions and protons. In part 2 of this series on such charge transfer(More)
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