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Family, twin and adoption studies have clearly demonstrated that genetic factors are important in modulating the vulnerability to alcohol dependence. Several genome-wide association (GWA) studies of alcohol dependence have been conducted; however, few loci have been replicated. A meta-analysis was performed on two GWA studies of 1283 cases of alcohol(More)
Maximum number of drinks (MaxDrinks) defined as "Maximum number of alcoholic drinks consumed in a 24-h period" is an intermediate phenotype that is closely related to alcohol dependence (AD). Family, twin and adoption studies have shown that the heritability of MaxDrinks is approximately 0.5. We conducted the first genome-wide association (GWA) study and(More)
Family, twin, and adoption studies have indicated that genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of alcohol dependence (AD). We conducted a low-density genome-wide association analysis to identify genetic variants influencing AD. We used 11,120 SNPs from the Affymetrix 10K Genechips genotyped in 116 Caucasian pedigrees (272 nuclear(More)
OBJECTIVE Genetic factors play an important role in modulating the vulnerability to body mass index (BMI). The purpose of this study is to identify novel genetic variants for BMI using genome-wide association (GWA) meta-analysis. METHODS PLINK software was used to perform meta-analysis of two GWA studies (the FUSION and Marshfield samples) of 5218(More)
Personality traits like novelty seeking (NS), harm avoidance (HA), and reward dependence (RD) are known to be moderately heritable (30–60%). These personality traits and their comorbidities, such as alcohol dependence (AD), may share genetic components. We examined 11,120 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) genotyped in 292 nuclear families from the(More)
BACKGROUND Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a universally prevalent, genetic, and environment dependent mental condition that disables people of every culture, race, gender, and age. While the gender differences for MDD have been widely reported in literature, few genome-wide analyses of gender differences have been reported to date. METHODS We(More)
We performed a genome-wide association analysis to identify genetic variants influencing age at onset (AAO) and examine gene × gender interactions for AAO in schizophrenia (SCZ) using a European-American sample (1,162 cases). Linear regression model in PLINK was used to test for associations with AAO while the GxE option was chosen to test for the influence(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep apnea (SA) is a common sleep disorder among US adults. Associations of SA with alcohol consumption and some chronic diseases have been inconsistent. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to estimate prevalence of SA and examine its associations with potential factors including alcohol consumption, asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. PATIENTS AND(More)
The immunosuppressant dexamethasone was shown to preferentially deplete CD4+ effector T cells while sparing regulatory T cells (Tregs) in vivo. In the current study, we show that it also preferentially depletes B-2 cells while sparing B-1 cells. In the ApoE(-/-) mouse model of atherosclerosis, in which both Tregs and B-1 cells are thought to play an(More)
The PDZ and LIM domain 5 (PDLIM5) gene may play a role in alcohol dependence (AD), bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder; however, no study has identified shared genetic variants within PDLIM5 gene among AD, type 2 diabetes (T2D), and hypertension. This study investigated the association of 72 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) with AD (1066 AD(More)