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In this paper, we propose a robust-hash function based on random Gabor filtering and dithered lattice vector quantization (LVQ). In order to enhance the robustness against rotation manipulations, the conventional Gabor filter is adapted to be rotation invariant, and the rotation-invariant filter is randomized to facilitate secure feature extraction.(More)
A novel robust digital image watermarking algorithm based on predictive vector quantization is proposed in this paper. The robust watermark is embedded in the image by selecting the prediction mode of each PVQ coded vector according to the watermark bit. The proposed watermarking algorithm is proved to be robust against both friendly and hostile attacks,(More)
Robust and compact content representation is a fundamental problem in image processing. The recently proposed polar harmonic transforms (PHTs) have provided a set of powerful tools for image representation. However, two-dimensional transforms cannot handle color image in a holistic manner. To extend the nice properties of PHTs to color image processing, we(More)
Toxicarioside A is a cardenolide isolated mainly from plants and animals. Emerging evidence demonstrate that cardenolides not only have cardiac effects but also anticancer effects. In this study, we used in vivo models to investigate the antitumor activities of toxicarioside A and the potential mechanisms behind them. Murine colorectal carcinoma (CT26) and(More)
Video shot boundary detection is a fundamental step in video indexing and retrieval. There are a number of different types of transitions or boundaries between shots. Most shot change detection algorithms can detect abrupt transitions without difficulty. However, gradual transitions usually consist of wipes, fades, dissolves and computer-generated effects,(More)
  • Yue-Nan Li
  • 2010
A simple and efficient energy based robust video hash algorithm is presented. The energy relationships of transform coefficients are extracted with secrete keys for hash construction. Experimental results show that the algorithm outperforms state-of-the-art ones in terms of robustness. Hash comparisons also show that the algorithm is collision resistant.
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