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BACKGROUND In recent years, amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) have increased dramatically in East-south Asia, especially in China. Most ATS users suffered from psychosis comorbidity, and depression is the main syndrome in ATS users. METHODOLOGY A cross-sectional study of depressive symptoms and associated factors among ATS users was conducted in(More)
The Tessier number 3 cleft is rare. In this paper, we report two extremely rare cases of simultaneous Tessier number 3 cleft, contralateral cleft lip, and signs of amniotic band syndrome. In the two cases, we confirmed that amniotic bands were the probable cause of the Tessier number 3 cleft, where swallowed fibrous strands of amniotic bands entangle a(More)
Extraskeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma (EMCS) is a rare malignant cartilaginous tumor arising from the soft tissues. The most common areas of extraskeletal origin are the lower extremities, the orbits and the central nervous system, among others. In this study, the case of primary EMCS arising from the right buccal region in a 26-year old female is(More)
AIM To survey and assess the drug dependence and abuse potential liability of buprenorphine among opiate abusers. METHODS Subjects of opiate dependence with history of buprenorphine use for 3 d at least were surveyed by interview. Physical dependence of buprenorphine was assessed using 30 items opiate withdrawal scale (OWS), which composed of 30(More)
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