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The plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA) acts as a developmental signal and as an integrator of environmental cues such as drought and cold. Key players in ABA signal transduction include the type 2C protein phosphatases (PP2Cs) ABI1 and ABI2, which act by negatively regulating ABA responses. In this study, we identify interactors of ABI1 and ABI2 which we(More)
Human embryonic stem (hES) cells can differentiate in vitro, forming embryoid bodies (EBs) composed of derivatives of all three embryonic germ layers. Spontaneously contracting outgrowths from these EBs contain cardiomyocytes (CMs); however, the types of human CMs and their functional properties are unknown. This study characterizes the contractions and(More)
Strawberry (Fragaria spp.) is a kind of herbaceous perennial plant that propagates vegetatively. The conserved domains of reverse transcriptase (RT) genes of Ty1-copia and Ty3-gypsy groups of LTR retrotransposons were amplified from the cultivated strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.). Sequence analysis of clones demonstrated that 5 of 19 Ty1-copia group(More)
Here we describe the sustained expression of transgenes introduced into human embryonic stem (ES) cells using self-inactivating lentiviral vectors. At low multiplicity of infection, vesicular stomatitis virus-pseudotyped vectors containing a green fluorescent protein (GFP) transgene under the control of a human elongation factor 1alpha promoter transduced(More)
The recent discovery of a variety of receptors has led to new models for hormone perception in plants. In the case of the hormone abscisic acid (ABA), which regulates plant responses to abiotic stress, perception seems to occur both at the plasma membrane and in the cytosol. The cytosolic receptors for ABA have recently been identified as complexes between(More)
— Call admission control algorithms that reduce dropped calls in CDMA cellular systems are discussed in this paper. The capacity of a CDMA system is confined by interference of users from both inside and outside of the target cell. Earlier algorithms for call admission control is based on the effective traffic load for the target cell if one call is(More)
This paper applies a two-stage, double bootstrapping data envelope analysis (DEA) approach to investigate whether and to what extent various distinctive corporate governance practices affect productive efficiency in a sample of 461 publicly listed manufacturing firms in China between 1999 and 2002. We find that firm efficiency is negatively related to state(More)