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In this paper, we present novel low complexity coherence estimation and synthesis algorithms and their application to parametric stereo coding. Inter-channel correlation /coherence (IC) is an important parameter for parametric stereo coding as it represents the degree of similarity of the channels and is strongly related to the perception of width and(More)
This paper presents a novel low bit rate parametric stereo coding scheme which uses whole band inter-channel time difference (WITD) and whole band inter-channel phase difference (WIPD) together with a new effective downmixing method. The inter-channel level differences and inter-channel phase differences are also employed in the proposed stereo coding to(More)
This paper presents the two new ITU-T Recommendations G.722 Annex D and G.711.1 Annex F, which are stereo extensions of the wideband codecs ITU-T G.722 and G.711.1 and their superwideband extensions (G.722 Annex B and G.711.1 Annex D). An embedded scalable structure is used to add stereo extension layers on top of the wideband or superwideband core coding.(More)
Robust and flexible speech codecs are more and more required by speech communication over unreliable channels such as Internet. In this paper, a novel multiple description (MD) sinusoidal speech codec is proposed. This codec is based on sinusoidal and equivalent rectangular bands (ERB) noise model. It can provide relatively high transmission reliability as(More)
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