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Paper spray ionization of noncovalent protein complexes.
This is the first report to show that PS ionization is a promising ionization method for nonconvalent protein complexes and it is possible to detect hemoglobin tetramer from a blood sample with minimal sample preparation. Expand
Relative interfacial cleavage energetics of protein complexes revealed by surface collisions
It is demonstrated that dissociation of protein complexes by surface collisions, at the lower end of the typical surface-induced dissociation (SID) collision energy range, consistently cleaves the weakest protein:protein interfaces, producing products that are reflective of the known structure. Expand
Structural Characterization and Disulfide Assignment of Spider Peptide Phα1β by Mass Spectrometry
AbstractNative Phα1β is a peptide purified from the venom of the armed spider Phoneutria nigriventer that has been shown to have an extensive analgesic effect with fewer side effects than ω-conotoxinExpand
Localization of Protein Complex Bound Ligands by Surface-Induced Dissociation High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry.
The suitability of SID to locate the ligand binding sites in protein complexes to study C-reactive protein pentamer and cholera toxin B has potential application in localizing sites of small ligandbinding for multisubunit protein-ligand complexes. Expand
Label-free detection and identification of protein ligands captured by receptors in a polymerized planar lipid bilayer using MALDI-TOF MS
It is shown that cross-linking polymerization of a planar supported lipid bilayer (PSLB) provides the stability needed for MALDI-TOF MS analysis of proteins captured by receptors embedded in the membrane, demonstrating the feasibility of using the PSLB-based affinity capture platform for identification of unknown, membrane-associated proteins. Expand
The Pseudomonas aeruginosa AmrZ C-terminal domain mediates tetramerization and is required for its activator and repressor functions.
It is demonstrated that the primary AmrZ form in solution is tetrameric, and the C-terminal domain is essential for efficient AmRZ-mediated activation and repression of its targets. Expand
Spray Ionization of Noncovalent Protein Complexes
Paper spray (PS) ionization, an ambient ionization method, has previously been explored as a direct and fast method for mass spectrometric analysis of complex mixtures. It has been applied to theExpand
Crystal growth and design of a facile synthesized uniform single crystalline football-like anatase TiO2 microspheres with exposed {0 0 1} facets
Abstract Uniform football-like anatase TiO2 particles exposed by {0 0 1} facets were successfully synthesized by an environment-friendly, facile and low-temperature hydrothermal method in waterExpand
Induction of the Growth Inhibitation and Apoptosis in HL-60 Cell Line by 8-nitrochyrsin
Objective:To investigate the effect of 8-nitrochyrsin(NOChR) on the growth and apoptosis of HL-60 cells cultured in vitro and its mechanism.Methods:8-nitrochyrsin on proliferation of HL-60 cells wasExpand