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We develop a Bayesian nonparametric model for reconstructing magnetic resonance images (MRIs) from highly undersampled \(k \) -space data. We perform dictionary learning as part of the image reconstruction process. To this end, we use the beta process as a nonparametric dictionary learning prior for representing an image patch as a sparse combination of(More)
Since a vehicle logo is the clearest indicator of a vehicle manufacturer, most vehicle manufacturer recognition (VMR) methods are based on vehicle logo recognition. Logo recognition can be still a challenge due to difficulties in precisely segmenting the vehicle logo in an image and the requirement for robustness against various imaging situations(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain occurs when normally protective acute pain becomes pathologically persistent. We examined here whether an isoform of protein kinase C (PKC), PKMζ, that underlies long-term memory storage in various brain regions, also sustains nociceptive plasticity in spinal cord dorsal horn (SCDH) mediating persistent pain. RESULTS Cutaneous(More)
Similarity search is an important function in many applications, which usually focuses on measuring the similarity between objects with the same type. However, in many scenarios, we need to measure the relatedness between objects with different types. With the surge of study on heterogeneous networks, the relevance measure on objects with different types(More)
Retinex based algorithms have been widely used among in image enhancement. Since many retinex based algorithms remove illumination and regard the reflectance as enhancement, over-enhancement and unnaturalness are inevitable. In this paper, a novel retinex based image enhancement using illumination adjustment is proposed. Different from existing variational(More)
Chromatin remodeling, particularly histone acetylation, plays a critical role in the progression of pathological cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure. We hypothesized that curcumin, a natural polyphenolic compound abundant in the spice turmeric and a known suppressor of histone acetylation, would suppress cardiac hypertrophy through the disruption of p300(More)
Internet based communication systems appear in many forms from email to Instant Messenger and chat services to Voice over IP (VoIP). Common weaknesses of these current communication systems include inherent security vulnerabilities to attacks such as SPAM/SPIT/SPIM and DDoS, a lack of separation between routing address and identity, and a lack of message(More)
Bundling of microtubules (MTs) is critical for the formation of complex MT arrays. In land plants, the interphase cortical MTs form bundles specifically following shallow-angle encounters between them. To investigate how cells select particular MT contact angles for bundling, we used an in vitro reconstitution approach consisting of dynamic MTs and the(More)