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OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of antenatal supplementation with multiple micronutrients or iron and folic acid compared with folic acid alone on birth weight, duration of gestation, and maternal haemoglobin concentration in the third trimester. DESIGN Cluster randomised double blind controlled trial. SETTING Two rural counties in north west China. (More)
BACKGROUND The long terminal half life of piperaquine makes it suitable for intermittent preventive treatment for malaria but no studies of its use for prevention have been done in Africa. We did a cluster randomized trial to determine whether piperaquine in combination with either dihydroartemisin (DHA) or sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) is as effective,(More)
BACKGROUND Adequate maternal nutrient intake during pregnancy is important to ensure satisfactory birth outcomes. There are no data available on the usual dietary intake among pregnant women in rural China. The present study describes and evaluates the dietary intake in a cohort of pregnant women living in two counties of rural Shaanxi, western China. (More)
In up to 87% of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) clinical tumor specimens, there was either down-regulation or loss of TSLC1 gene expression. Using a tissue microarray and immunohistochemical staining, the frequency of down-regulated or loss of expression of TSLC1 in metastatic lymph node NPC was 83% and the frequency of loss of expression of TSLC1 was 35%,(More)
AIM To study the clinical effects of a disposable circumcision device in treatment of male patients of different ages with either phimosis or excess foreskin. METHODS One thousand two hundred patients between the age of 5 and 95 years underwent circumcision using this procedure in the 2-year period between October 2005 and September 2007. Of these cases,(More)
PURPOSE CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP) involves hypermethylation targeted toward the promoters of multiple genes. To gain insight into the role of epigenetic aberration of tumor-related genes in hepatocarcinogenesis, we determined a hypermethylation profile in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We examined the promoter methylation(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the benefits of maternal multimicronutrient supplementation during gestation on the mental and psychomotor development of infants. METHODS In a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial, pregnant women (N = 5828) in 2 rural counties in western China were assigned randomly to receive multimicronutrient (5 minerals and 10 vitamins(More)
A longitudinal study was conducted to validate a 68-item semi-quantitative food-frequency questionnaire (FFQ) for assessing nutrient intake among pregnant women in rural China. The interview administrated FFQs were conducted at the start of the third trimester (FFQ1) and repeated three months later prior to delivery (FFQ2), and compared with six repeated(More)
BACKGROUND Validity of self-reported height and weight has not been adequately evaluated in diverse adolescent populations. In fact there are no reported validity studies conducted in Asian children and adolescents. This study aims to examine the accuracy of self-reported weight, height, and resultant BMI values in Chinese adolescents, and of the(More)