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Researches on the scattering characteristics in THz band of conductor cylinder coated with parabolic distribution and time-varying plasma media
Abstract It is widely acknowledged that inhomogeneous and time-varying plasma can effectively reduce the back scattering radar cross section (RCS) and THz wave has the potential to penetrate theExpand
The Games Analysis on Small and Medium sized Enterprises’ Bank Financing
The financing game relationship is analysed between the bank and these enterprises in this paper from the game theory.The results are as follows:firstly,in their financing relationship,theseExpand
Enhancement of brightness of high-order harmonics with elliptical polarization from near-critical density plasmas irradiated by an ultraintense laser pulse
Bright extreme ultraviolet (XUV) sources with elliptical polarization are powerful tools for investigating the electronic and magnetic properties of materials. Here we show that in the regime ofExpand
The RCS of the 3-D conductor sphere calculated in THz band and the homogeneous magnetized dense plasma sheath
Abstract The reentry vehicle of high speed has serious friction with the gas surrounding themselves which leads to a high temperature and high level of ionized of neutral particles thus forming aExpand
Primary exploration on relationship between circadian rhythm abnormality in patients with EHPT and the TCM syndrome differentiation
[Objective] To study the relationship between circadian rhythm variation of blood pressure and TCM syndrome pattern in patients with old aged essential hypertension(EHPT).[Methods] The 67 patientsExpand
The cry1C gene which is highly toxic to Spodotera exigua was transformed by electroporation into Bacillus thuringiensis wild-type strain YBT-803-1. The transformant BMBY-003 was obtained. The plasmidExpand
Design of incentive system for credit loaning personnel of state-owned commercial banks
To a great extent, the rise of return on the bank credit loans and the control of credit risks depend on the personnels enthusiasm, responsibility and ability. In this paper, ability coefficient andExpand