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The utility of source code, as of other knowledge artifacts, is predicated on the existence of individuals skilled enough to derive value by using or improving it. Developers leaving a software project deprive the project of the knowledge of the decisions they have made. Previous research shows that the survivors and newcomers maintaining abandoned code(More)
The quality of software projects is affected by developer turnover. Mockus studied organizational volatility in the context a large switching software project at Avaya. We replicate his model of the impact of organizational volatility on post-release defects. At the time of Mockus's study, Avaya was experimenting with outsourcing and layoffs were prevalent.(More)
In order to get the real-time visibility into manufacturing productivity, the effective data network control in IoT manufacturing must be set up. In this paper the Real-time Factory Control System (RFCS) is presented. The key technologies including the Power Line Communication, the LonWorks technology and Six Sigma Methodology are utilized to design and(More)
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