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To identify the key enzymes involved in anthocyanin synthesis in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.), the differences in anthocyanin biosynthetic gene expressions were investigated in the samples (mix of peel and flesh) of a red-colored cultivar (‘Hongdeng’) and a bicolored cultivar (‘Caihong’) during fruit development. The expression of six anthocyanin(More)
Ensuring the correct behavior of cyber physical systems at run time is of critical importance for their safe deployment. Any malfunctioning of such systems should be detected in a timely manner for further actions. This paper addresses the issue of how quickly a monitor raises an alarm after the occurrence of a failure in cyber physical systems. Towards(More)
k-Hierarchical probabilistic automata (HPA) are probabilistic automata whose states are partitioned into k + 1 levels such that for any state and input symbol, at most one transition goes to a state at the same level, and others go to higher level states. We show that 1-HPA, with acceptance threshold 1/2 (in the finite and infinite word cases) can recognize(More)
gamma-Alumina was used as a catalyst in ozonation, and efficiency and influencing factors in degradation of taste and odor substance 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) in drinking water were studied. The result shown that gamma-alumina was activated in catalytic ozonation for degradation MIB not only in distilled water, but also in tap water. In distilled water(More)
The efficiency and mechanism in degradation of 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) as taste and odor compound in drinking water were studied under the condition where gamma-alumina catalyzed ozonation. As a result, gamma-alumina can behave distinct activity in enhancing the efficiency of ozonation MIB. Tert-butyl alcohol had a remarkable restrain effect on removal(More)
2013 spring Stochastic Petri nets (SPNs) are extended Petri nets where the transitions fire after a probabilistic delay determined by a random variable. There have been a lot of members added to the SPN family, featuring different time specifications. The most fundamental Markov SPN model and Generalized SPN will be studied in this report. Some relatively(More)
In this study, two experiments were conducted to test the effect of high temperature on survival, behavior, oxygen consumption, ammonia-N excretion, and enzyme activities related to oxidative stress of the Japanese scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis. In the first test, we abruptly transferred scallops from the rearing temperature (15 °C, control temperature)(More)