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— Complex systems involve the interaction between many processes that may or may not have causal relations to each other. In such systems, discovering causal relations can provide significant insights into the internals of the system and facilitate fault discovery and recovery procedures. In this paper, we provide a novel causality detection algorithm based(More)
INTRODUCTION Epigenetic modification plays a critical role in regulating gene expression. To understand how epigenetic modification alters miRNA expression in monocyte-derived dendritic cells (moDCs) in different environments, we analyzed the connections between H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 modification and the expression of miRNAs in LPS- and TGF-β-conditioned(More)
Under a given tradable credit scheme, travelers' loss aversion behavior for credit charging during the route choice process is studied. A disutility function of loss aversion is applied to approach travelers' different attitudes towards credit loss and gain, and the transaction costs of buying and selling credits are also incorporated in the function. The(More)
Log-Polar transform is mentioned as one of the models of the central-fovea visual sensor in a creature sight. Up to now, in the field of image recognition, Log-Polar transform is known widely and is especially used well in recognition of face images. However, since it is the recognition method only to a scaling and a rotation, it mainly remains in(More)
Yang and Wang (2011) have investigated tradable credit scheme for mobility management, which could achieve the same efficiency as equivalent road pricing scheme. However, this holds under the case that all travelers treat credit charge cost equivalent with objectively identical road toll. Actually, there is an unearned windfall if the initial credits are(More)
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