Yudong Miao

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BACKGROUND Integrative strategy of health services delivery has been proven to be effective in economically developed countries, where the healthcare systems have enough qualified primary care providers. However rural China lacks such providers to act as gatekeeper, besides, Chinese rural hypertensive patients are usually of old age, more likely to be(More)
BACKGROUND Continuity of care is widely considered a principle of primary care that decreases healthcare utilization and mortality. However, the effect of continuity of care on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) for adult patients with hypertension remains unclear. METHODS To further evaluate the effect of continuity of care, we implemented a cohort(More)
BACKGROUND Global budget (GB) is considered one of the most important payment methods available. Since a new round of healthcare system reforms in 2009, the Chinese government has been paying attention to this prospective payment. However, it is unclear whether GB has influenced cost control and how it works in rural China. METHODS YC county was chosen as(More)
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