Yudong Liang

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In the recent years impressive advances were made for single image super-resolution. Deep learning is behind a big part of this success. Deep(er) architecture design and external priors modeling are the key ingredients. The internal contents of the low resolution input image is neglected with deep modeling despite the earlier works showing the power of(More)
Recent years have witnessed great success of convolutional neural network (CNN) for various problems both in low and high level visions. Especially noteworthy is the residual network which was originally proposed to handle high-level vision problems and enjoys several merits. This paper aims to extend the merits of residual network, such as skip connection(More)
Learning the non-linear image upscaling process has previously been considered as a simple regression process, where various models have been utilized to describe the correlations between high-resolution (HR) and low-resolution (LR) images/patches. In this paper, we present a multitask learning framework based on deep neural network for image(More)
This paper proposes a novel neural network learning the essential mapping function between the low resolution and high resolution image for Image superresolution problem. In our approach, patch recurrence property of small patches in natural image are utilized as a prior to train the network. An autoencoder neutral network is designed to reconstruct the(More)
Recently, the sparse coding based image representation has achieved state-of-the-art recognition results on many benchmarks. In this paper, we propose Multi-cue Normalized NonNegative Sparse Encoder (MNSE) which enforces both the non-negative constraint and the shift-invariant constraint on top of the traditional sparse coding criteria, and takes multicue(More)
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