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An Active of Extracellular Cellulose Degrading Enzyme from Termite Bacterial Endosimbiont
This work aimed to characterize the extracellular cellulase from Paenibacillus spp.
Analyzing the biosynthetic potential of antimicrobial-producing actinobacteria originating from Indonesia
The results suggest that both soil-associated actinobacteria originating from Indonesia are a potential source of novel biosynthetic pathways and can be used as a fast guide to obtain insight into natural product biosynthesis gene diversity in microorganisms.
Metagenomics-Based Cloning of Amilase-Encoding Genes from the Uncultured Symbiotic Bacteria of a Marine Sponge Theonella swinhoei from Kapoposang Island, South Sulawesi
This research work aimed at utilizing functional metagenomics approach for the discovery of amilases derived from the uncultured symbiotic bacteria of the Indonesian marine sponge Theonella swinhoei, and isolating two recombinant E. coli clones potentially harboring amilase genes.