Yudai Teramoto

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Streamer propagation of positive and negative pulsed corona discharges is observed using streak and ICCD cameras. The discharge occurs in a 13-mm point-to-plane gap in dry air. In the positive discharge, the primary streamer propagates from the point to the plane, and then, the secondary streamer develops from the point to the middle of the gap. When the(More)
Relative density and spatial distribution of N<sub>2</sub>(A<sup>3</sup>Sigma<sub>u</sub> <sup>+</sup>) metastables are measured in pulsed positive corona discharge using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) under atmospheric pressure. The vibrationally ground state N<sub>2</sub>(A<sup>3</sup>Sigma<sub>u</sub> <sup>+</sup>, v"=0) is excited to(More)
The triboelectrification behavior of polymer films when in contact with iron carrier beads was investigated using a homemade special instrument which can control relative humidity under a nitrogen atmosphere. The films showed a large humidity-dependent charging behavior; the charge amount increases with the ambient humidity in the range of a few percent RH(More)
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