Yuchun Zhai

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In this paper, we report the facile preparation of monodisperse titanium dioxide-diltiazem/tetrachlorobismuth core-shell nanospheres (TiO2@DTMBi), in which, diltiazem (DTM)/tetrachlorobismuth (BiCl4) complexes were employed as electroactive materials. The morphology, size, formation, and structure of the obtained TiO2@DTMBi spheres were investigated by(More)
The electrical conductivity and density of the low-melting CaCl 2-NaCl-Al 2 O 3 systems at 550°C~800°C ranges were respectively measured by the Continuously Varying Cell Constant Technique, ac-techniques and Archimedes method. The materials were applied as the electrolyte for the direct electrochemical reduction solid Al 2 O 3 at 550°C ~800°C. The materials(More)
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