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In this paper, we report the facile preparation of monodisperse titanium dioxide-diltiazem/tetrachlorobismuth core-shell nanospheres (TiO2@DTMBi), in which, diltiazem (DTM)/tetrachlorobismuth (BiCl4) complexes were employed as electroactive materials. The morphology, size, formation, and structure of the obtained TiO2@DTMBi spheres were investigated by(More)
Magnetic sensitive hydrogel has been fabricated using physical cross-linking method. polyvinly-alcohol was selected as binder and the content was 15%, magnetic powers choosed iron oxide black and iron oxide red, The mechanical properties and swelling characteristics have been studied for different content, magnetic sensibility were tested using the(More)
The electrical conductivity and density of the low-melting CaCl 2-NaCl-Al 2 O 3 systems at 550°C~800°C ranges were respectively measured by the Continuously Varying Cell Constant Technique, ac-techniques and Archimedes method. The materials were applied as the electrolyte for the direct electrochemical reduction solid Al 2 O 3 at 550°C ~800°C. The materials(More)
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) hydrogel burns dressing has been prepared using freezing-thawing method. PVA content was chosen as 15%, the basic properties were tested, such as water content, the rate of water absorption and pH value, the mechanical properties and water transmissivities of hydrogels were analyzed when the PVP contents(More)
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