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A second order Mumford-Shah model is proposed for image denoising. Unlike the original Mumford-Shah model, the proposed new model uses second order derivatives defined in bounded Hessian space as its regulariser. This model is capable of eliminating the undesirable staircase effect associated with the original Mumford-Shah model with a total variation(More)
Vessel segmentation algorithms play a very important role in vascular disease diagnosis and prediction. Current vessel segmentation research uses mostly images of large vessels, which are relatively easy to extract, but segmenting microvasculature is more challenging and very important for analysing vascular disease such as Alzheimer's Diseases. The aim of(More)
This paper investigates the use of multifractal formalism for characterising 3D brain vasculature of 2 different mammalian species. Multifractal properties were found across all the 3D vascular models. Variations in the analysis results appear to correspond with vessel density ans morphology. The implication of the research is that multifractal analysis(More)
Segmentation and analysis of histological images provides a valuable tool to gain insight into the biology and function of microglial cells in health and disease. Common image segmentation methods are not suitable for inhomogeneous histology image analysis and accurate classification of microglial activation states has remained a challenge. In this paper,(More)
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