Yucheng Hu

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MOTIVATION Cancer is well known to be the end result of somatic mutations that disrupt normal cell division. The number of such mutations that have to be accumulated in a cell before cancer develops depends on the type of cancer. The waiting time T(m) until the appearance of m mutations in a cell is thus an important quantity in population genetics models(More)
The history of medical physics in Asia-Oceania goes back to the late nineteenth century when X-ray imaging was introduced, although medical physicists were not appointed until much later. Medical physics developed very quickly in some countries, but in others the socio-economic situation as such prevented it being established for many years. In others, the(More)
We aim to construct higher order tau-leaping methods for numerically simulating stochastic chemical kinetic systems in this paper. By adding a random correction to the primitive tau-leaping scheme in each time step, we greatly improve the accuracy of the tau-leaping approximations. This gain in accuracy actually comes from the reduction in the local(More)
Recently Anderson and Mattingly [Comm. Math. Sci. 9, 301 (2011)] proposed a method which can solve chemical Langevin equations with weak second order accuracy. We extend their work to the discrete chemical jump processes. With slight modification, the method can also solve discrete chemical kinetic systems with weak second order accuracy in the large volume(More)
A study of the central distribution of the primary afferent fibers of the great auricular nerve (GAN) was made in 18 rabbits by means of transganglionic transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP). HRP applied to the cut central end of the GAN was detected ipsilaterally in the dorsal root ganglion cells (segments C2-C3) and the superior cervical ganglion(More)
Epithelial cell polarization and integration are essential to their function and loss of epithelial polarity and tissue architecture correlates with the development of aggressive tumors. Erbin is a basolateral membrane-associated protein. The roles of Erbin in establishing cell polarization and regulating cell adhesion have been suggested. Erbin is also a(More)
The photon number statistics for attenuated faint laser pulses is quantitatively studied. It confirms that, even for a non-Poissonian laser source, after being attenuated into faint laser with ultra-low mean photon number, the photon number distribution would approximately be a Poisson distribution. The error of such an approximation is estimated, and(More)
Stabilized or Chebyshev explicit methods have been widely used in the past to solve stiff ordinary differential equations. Making use of special properties of Chebyshev-like poly-nomials, these methods have favorable stability properties compared to standard explicit methods while remaining explicit. A new class of such methods, called ROCK, introduced in(More)