Yucheng Hou

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A non-dissipative, robust, implicit algorithm is proposed for direct numerical and large-eddy simulation of compressible turbulent flows. The algorithm addresses the problems caused by low Mach numbers and under-resolved high Reynolds numbers. It colocates variables in space to allow easy extension to unstructured grids, and discretely conserves mass,(More)
A spatially non-dissipative, implicit numerical method to simulate turbulent reacting flows over a range of Mach numbers, is described. The compressible Navier–Stokes equations are rescaled so that the zero Mach number equations are discretely recovered in the limit of zero Mach number. The dependent variables are co-located in space, and thermodynamic(More)
This paper discusses: (i) an algorithm that addresses the problems posed by low Mach numbers and high Reynolds numbers in large–eddy simulation of compressible turbulent flows, (ii) the near–wall modeling problem for attached turbulent boundary layers, and (iii) a simple kinematic model that possibly explains why large–eddy simulation predicts turbulent(More)
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