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Anodic growth of TiO(2) nanotubes has attracted intensive interests recently. However, the as-prepared TiO(2) nanotubes are usually amorphous and they generally need to be crystallized by sintering above 450 °C. Here, we report on a facile method to crystallize amorphous anodized TiO(2) nanotubes at a low temperature. We find that, simply by immersing them(More)
A feedback belief propagation (BP) decoding algorithm for low-density parity-check convolutional codes is proposed. The proposed algorithm can activate the variable nodes more efficiently by applying feedback decoding at each decoding iteration. Compared with the on-demand BP algorithm, the proposed algorithm has a doubled convergence speed and causes only(More)
In order to overcome the disadvantages of traditional Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), a novel passive endoscopic robot for sinus surgery is designed in this paper. This paper mainly focuses on the design of the prototype of a novel passive endoscopic robot and the lock methods of the passive joints. The design of the robot is divided into two(More)
During endoscopic sinus surgery, to perform complex surgical procedures in the delicate nasal cavity, endoscope holding devices are needed. This paper presents a novel robotic system with safe locking and easy to release system that assists surgeons in holding the endoscope. The presented robotic system has eleven degrees of freedom (DOF). The robot(More)
This paper expounds the working principle of pharmacy robot vision system combining with the mechanical structure of the pharmacy robot. Firstly, the visual system takes the digital images of ampoules and penicillin bottles by the CCD camera. Secondly, we use the functions of OpenCV to extract the ROI of bottle image, filter, segment, and extract the(More)
During the workflow of the Intravenous Medication Preparation Robot (referred as IMP robot), there are some troublesome issues such as a wide variety of drugs, diverse bottle specifications, complex pharmaceutical preparation process, which make the robot system difficult to control. In this paper, an expert system based control system has been designed and(More)
Endoscopic nasal surgery is with minimal invasiveness for the surgical treatment of chronic sinusitis or other nasal diseases. During the endoscopic surgery, the surgeon uses one hand to hold the endoscope and the other hand to hold the surgical instruments within the nasal cavity. In some cases, the endoscope has to be held by the assistant when the(More)