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Mechanistic inter-relationships in sinks between sucrose compartmentation/metabolism and phloem unloading/translocation are poorly understood. Developing grain legume seeds provide tractable experimental systems to explore this question. Metabolic demand by cotyledons is communicated to phloem unloading and ultimately import by sucrose withdrawal from the(More)
BACKGROUND Manipulations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae classically depend on use of auxotrophy selection markers. There are several disadvantages to this in a microbial cell factory setting: (1) auxotrophies must first be engineered in prototrophic strains, and many industrial strains are polyploid/aneuploid prototrophs (2) available strain auxotrophies must(More)
Vacuole represents a major storage organelle playing vital roles in pH homoeostasis and cellular detoxification. The chemical and functional properties of tonoplast in response to chilling temperature and their roles in chilling injury are largely unknown. In the current study, lipid composition of tonoplast and the activities of two vacuolar proton pumps,(More)
Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a traditional staple tree crop throughout the tropics. Susceptibility to windstorm damage is the primary constraint on breadfruit cultivation. Significant tree loss due to intense tropical windstorm in the past decades has driven an increasing interest in developing dwarf varieties of breadfruit. As a first step toward(More)
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