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In recent years, stem cell-based approaches have attracted more attention from scientists and clinicians due to their possible therapeutical effect on stroke. Animal studies have demonstrated that the beneficial effects of stem cells including embryonic stem cells (ESCs), inducible pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), neural stem cells (NSCs), and mesenchymal(More)
Alpha-momorcharin (α-MC), a member of the ribosome-inactivating protein (RIP) family, has been used not only as antiviral, antimicrobial, and antitumor agents, but also as toxicant to protozoa, insects, and fungi. In this study, we expressed the protein in Escherichia coli Rosetta (DE3) pLysS strain and purified it by nickel–nitrilotriacetic acid affinity(More)
We present a framework for precomputed volume radiance transfer that achieves real-time rendering of global illumination effects for volume data sets such as multiple scattering, volumetric shadows, and so on. Our approach incorporates the volumetric photon mapping method into the classical precomputed radiance transfer pipeline. We contribute several(More)
We present a novel graph-based data-driven technique for cost-effective fire modeling. This technique allows composing long animation sequences using a small number of short simulations. While traditional techniques such as motion graphs and motion blending work well for character motion synthesis, they cannot be trivially applied to fluids to produce(More)
Most mitochondrial proteins are synthesized in the cytosol as precursor and imported into the mitochondria by Tom complexes (translocase of outer membrane complexes). Knowledge of the binding mechanism between precursor and Tom20 in plants is very limited. Here, computational methods are employed to improve our understanding of the interactions between both(More)
Overexpression of p185erbB2/neu has been demonstrated in approximately 30% of prostatic carcinomas and has been shown to induce tumorigenesis and metastasis in a prostatic epithelial cell line, NbE. To metastasize successfully, cells must be able to proliferate, degrade and be motile on a variety of substrates; thus attachment and spreading on a variety of(More)
A novel domino XNOR gate is designed, using techniques of pn mixed pull-down network and dual-threshold voltage. HSPICE simulation results prove that compared with the standard n-type domino XNOR gate the dynamic power of proposed design can be reduced by 43.9% and the minimum static power is reduced by 86.4%, while enhancing the AC noise immunity by 12.5%.
We present a new real-time shadow rendering approach whose kernel is a hierarchical disk-based approximation to the scene geometry. We show that this approximated representation greatly accelerates the visibility inquiry, facilitating the real-time computation of anisotropic occlusion in GPU. By taking account of anisotropic occlusion, our approach can(More)
T cell activation is a well-established model for studying cellular responses to exogenous stimulation. Using strand-specific RNA-seq, we observed that intron retention is prevalent in polyadenylated transcripts in resting CD4(+) T cells and is significantly reduced upon T cell activation. Several lines of evidence suggest that intron-retained transcripts(More)