Yubo Tao

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Blind motion deblurring estimates a sharp image from a motion blurred image without the knowledge of the blur kernel. Although significant progress has been made on tackling this problem, existing methods, when applied to highly diverse natural images, are still far from stable. This paper focuses on the robustness of blind motion deblurring methods toward(More)
Maximum intensity projection (MIP) displays the voxel with the maximum intensity along the viewing ray, and this offers simplicity in usage, as it does not require a complex transfer function, the specification of which is a highly challenging and time-consuming process in direct volume rendering (DVR). However, MIP also has its inherent limitation, the(More)
Lighting design is a complex, but fundamental, problem in many fields. In volume visualization, direct volume rendering generates an informative image without external lighting, as each voxel itself emits radiance. However, external lighting further improves the shape and detail perception of features, and it also determines the effectiveness of the(More)
Direct volume rendering is one of the most effective ways to visualize volume data sets, which employs intuitive 2D images to display internal structures in 3D space. However, opaque features always occlude other parts of the volume, and make some features of interest invisible in the final rendered images. Although a class of highly transparent transfer(More)