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With cloud computing applications and research at home and abroad continue to advance cloud computing platform for users and data exchange between the greater the amount of user data transmission and storage a security threat, a cloud computing security is an important issue to be resolved. In this paper, all with state of encryption technology, presents a(More)
In order to realize the sharing of medical information, coordination of medical, as well as the efficient and cost-effective health information system through the construction of a distributed and high-integrated platform, the medical and health information system infrastructure based on the cloud computing is proposed. And three kinds of application mode,(More)
Examination of the T cell receptor (TCR) gene repertoire is important in the analysis of the immune status of models, because clonal expansion of T cells permits the identification of specific antigen responses of T cells. Little is known about T-cell immunity in the humanized NOD/SCID mouse model. TCR Vbeta repertoire usage and clonality were analyzed to(More)
P2P networks, also known as peer to peer network , enabling network-based P2P nodes dynamic, anonymity, scalability, etc. The security of the network caused a severe challenge. This paper introduces the traditional PKI system to authenticate the credibility of the node s based on the further introduction of the behavioral characteristics of the nodes,(More)
The ant colony algorithm (ACA) has been successfully applied to several combinatorial optimization problems, but it has some shortcomings such as its slow computing speed, and it is easy to fall into local optimal. So a hybrid ant colony algorithm is proposed to optimize the ACA parameters. Firstly, the basic feasible solutions are solved by ACA, and then(More)
Real-time video communication is very important to the Internet applications of video conferencing, video telephony, video-on-demand, and etc. However, the heavy traffic of video data along with its timing constraints makes it a challenge to provide large-scale, high QoS media streaming service over the current best-effect network. This paper presents a(More)
The video applications based on internet are growing rapidly. The real-time video applications become more popular. Because of the complexity of the internet and the real-time demand on stream video, the real-time scheduling algorithm has great influenced on the quality of service. In this paper, a novel scheduling algorithm is presented, which associated(More)
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